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Foodlife Monthly Ration


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Example of Monthly Ration distribution of essential and basic needs

Rice, Cooking Oil, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Eggs, Onion, Garlic, Shallots, Coconut Milk, Canned Foods, Biscuits, Cornflakes, Coffee, Tea, Milo, Fruit Juices, Cordial Syrup, Shampoo, Body wash, Hand wash, Dishwasher, Detergent, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Tissue, Sanitary pads, Hand sanitiser

Foodlife Daily meal.png


Daily-meal to be distributed to the identified needy through Kitchen Incubators as Foodlife's medium. Part of our efforts to elevate our recipients' income is initiating the Kitchen Incubator (KI) concept for these lower-income families themselves or those who have registered a small start-up or MSMEs in the hope to support and increase their entrepreneurship and net income level.

Green Galore - Foodlife.png


The Greens Galore campaign anticipated by many is one of Foodlife’s efforts to raise health awareness to one’s dietary intake. These leafy greens offer power-pack important nutrients to further enhance a healthy-eating awareness and habit amongst the underprivileged members of the society. Through this campaign, Foodlife aims to support local farmers to continue to grow healthy fresh produce & share the greens with those in need. 

To date, the Greens Galore campaign continues every Sunday where we have young and enthusiastic volunteers who happily joined in the delivery, including families in Kg Ayer and Kg Bolkiah. For this, we appreciate very much the support & participation of our local farmers who not only supply (and offer free delivery) but also donate their own produce for this good cause.

Grass Cutting Foodlife


COMMUNITY SERVICE. Another Foodlife initiative is helping the underprivileged family to be independent by putting their skills for the benefit of the community. 




Engage in entrepreneurship through our Kitchen Incubator programme, grass-cutting and or employment opportunities from Foodlife Partner




Future programme Foodlife hopes to implement and introduce to household and  for commercial use. 

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