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As a Corporate or Private Donour:

You may provide aid to the poor, the most needy, orphans with nutritious meals to feed the hungry and care for the elderly as my zakat or part of the company's CSR.

As Owner of Restaurant, Eatery, Bakery Outlet:

You may donate food packs as a light meal or sell surplus foods at discounted prices of bread(s) or cake(s) in addition to our Daily-Meal Programme. We would ensure food quality and safety at all times before distribution.

As a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Retailer:

You may donate food packs, canned food and basic needs to the same group either as a monthly donation or sell at discounted prices. We must ensure goods are within expiry manufacturing dates and acceptable for distribution to the targeted member of society.

As a Member of the Society:

You may identify a person or family in need of such assistance within your vicinity or family circles. Foodlife team will verify the eligibility of the programme needs.

Governance: How Can I Ensure Goods are Delivered?

Foodlife will conduct monitoring and evaluation (M&E) where random inspection will be done together with the sponsors or partners. We aim to produce regular performance report which will be updated on our website and instagram.

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