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Miyako Gas Stove - BND49

Miyako Gas Stove - BND49


An unemployed single mom living in a rented unfurnished house in Kg Sg. Kebun looking after 4 children, one a 6-yr old boy with autism. We can furnish this family’s kitchen with a refrigerator, a new LPG cylinder and a gas stove.



Another family in need of support is a family of 8, whose father is the main breadwinner but suffering from severe medical conditions causing him difficulties to walk, even within a short distance. In 2013, this family’s former house was caught in a fire incident, and they could not save their assets. Up till this date, the family has not been able to furnish their new ‘home’ – an unfurnished flat - with sufficient kitchen appliances and bedding requirements to name just a few.

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