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why foodlife?

Our main goal is to complement the existing programmes by the government, NGOs and the public to help the underprivileged and needy members of society through the provision of food packs and basic needs.


We aim to implement a continuous provision, instead of seasonal or one-off CSR initiative, in which a needy family will receive either food ration and basic needs to last for a month or an eligible person to be provided with a nutritious meal, daily.

Through this programme, we hope to defend and protect specific underprivileged groups, at least by reducing hunger. In addition, through the kitchen incubator scheme and distribution, the activities will create opportunities for the MSMEs, who are themselves from the underprivileged group to be engaged in entrepreneurship and help increase their level of net income. Trivial it may be, we hope these initiatives would help to empower social responsibilities, encourage volunteerism, entrepreneurship as well as positive virtue and piety. Lastly, by opening up opportunities for entrepreneurship among the underprivileged group we hope to also increase the level of their net income.


on FEB 23, 2020

a)“… (that the country) is within the framework of empowering the community and family institution. According to the Monarch, the policy of 'piety' can ensure that specific groups are defended and protected. Through the Poverty Eradication Plan Program under the National Council of Social Issues (MKIS), the country has already developed self-empowerment initiatives for target groups ”

b)“… Through this Programme, we have drafted self-sufficiency empowerment initiatives for the targeted groups. This measure will open wider opportunities to specific groups to gain employment or engage in entrepreneurship which at the same time will reduce dependence on government aid

c)“…This will also support the concept of piety which encourages Muslims to be self-reliant through their own hard work”

*MKIS – Majlis Kebangsaan Isu Sosial

How does                      work?

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  • Gainful employment & self-reliant through MSMEs, Kitchen Incubators and volunteers

  • ​Encourage Green culture through recycling activities

  • Empowering social responsibilities, encourage positive good actions (Birr or virtue) and piety (taqwa)

  • Mitigate hunger and poverty

  • Reduce food waste

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